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Townsville Christian College Unveils Future Masterplan for Campus Expansion

Townsville Christian College Unveils Future Masterplan for Campus Expansion
6th May 2023

Townsville Christian College, a cornerstone of local education, has proudly released an innovative new masterplan that promises to transform the college into a cutting-edge learning environment by 2028. This exciting project will introduce a host of new facilities and buildings, significantly expanding the college's capacity for excellence and opportunity.

The masterplan will augment the college's existing infrastructure with a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities. These include 'F Block,' a dedicated building for senior primary students, and a senior secondary building boasting advanced science labs and specialist rooms. With these additions, the college underscores its commitment to providing an exceptional educational environment for all its students.

Sporting and physical education pursuits will also see a boost. The plan envisages a 10-lane, 25-meter swimming pool and a 250-meter track and field, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among students. Upgrades to storage and sheds, including the addition of a bus wash station, will further support these endeavors.

The arts will enjoy a spotlight with the construction of new Arts Buildings. This purpose built structure will accommodate a recording studio, AV and lighting, music lessons and more to provide students with the highest level of facilities and resources to grow in their skills and creativity.

No stone has been left unturned in considering the holistic development of students. The plan also includes a multipurpose court, catering to a variety of sports, and a cutting-edge adventure playground. These recreational areas will complement the existing soccer fields, outdoor gym, and playgrounds.

The blueprint builds on the solid foundations of our current assets, including the Administration Extension, C Block Prep Building, B Block Junior Primary, and Adventure Garden. The masterplan's integration of new and existing facilities reaffirms Townsville Christian College's commitment to continuous improvement while honoring its rich legacy.

"The masterplan encapsulates our vision for the future of Townsville Christian College," said the school principal. "We believe in creating an environment where our students can thrive academically, physically, and creatively. This expansion will allow us to further enhance the quality of education we provide and broaden the opportunities available to our students."

Exciting times lie ahead for Townsville Christian College. As the campus transformation unfolds, the school community eagerly anticipates a bright future, brimming with possibilities and promise.

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