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Senior Primary | F Block Grand Opening

By Andrew Gardner

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Senior Primary | F Block Grand Opening
1st February 2023
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Townsville Christian College proudly announces the opening of its new, state-of-the-art educational facility, F Block (Senior Primary), dedicated to senior primary students. This modern facility, as part of the college's ambitious masterplan, features eight diverse classrooms, and it is now ready to welcome eager young minds.

Designed with the goal of nurturing holistic development, F Block is more than just a building. It's a dynamic space for young students to learn, explore, and grow. The building houses a dedicated home economics room and a science/STEM room, both equipped with the latest resources to stimulate hands-on learning and curiosity. These spaces will allow students to delve into practical subjects, cultivating skills that transcend the traditional classroom environment.

Music, an integral part of the college's curriculum, also finds a special place in the F Block with a dedicated music room. This acoustically optimized space is set to inspire creativity and foster a love for music among students.

Furthermore, F Block comprises six General Learning Areas (GLAs), offering versatile spaces for a variety of teaching and learning modalities. These rooms, designed to be adaptable, will cater to the diverse learning needs and styles of our students, promoting collaborative and personalized learning experiences.

F Block is a testament to Townsville Christian College's dedication to delivering a superior learning experience. As our students step into this new building, they step into a world of fresh possibilities, ready to ignite their potential and shape their future.

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