We have purposely designed a uniform which, whilst being economical, is of a very high standard of appearance. We are aware that the presentation of each student will help both the individual student and the College as a whole, in our desire to achieve better results and a greater sense of personal self-esteem.

Our aim is to build a College of excellence in every way. Therefore, we must maintain a very high standard of dress code. It is a condition of enrolment that parents/guardians and students understand this and are committed to playing their part in upholding these standards.

We believe that the wearing of a uniform:

  • Brings unity, a sense of belonging and expresses a common identity and purpose
  • Worn correctly, develops a sense of pride and honour
  • Provides a practical solution to student dress issues
  • Ensures that students are dressed neatly and modestly.

Our uniform is designed to be practical, comfortable and Sun Smart. Uniforms must be worn by student’s both at school, and whilst travelling to and from the school. The uniform must be worn correctly at all times.

For more details of the College uniform please refer to the Parent Handbook.