Speaking & Communicating

The Speaking & Communicating program is a life changing class for every student! This extracurricular subject is run through the Australian College of Music and teaches students of all ages how to speak clearly and confidently and to enjoy public speaking. 

In these classes we focus on expression, modulation, confidence, pronunciation and how to communicate well in everyday situations. The students read through and study poetry, prose, character development, plays and write their own speeches. We have seen students who were once unable to speak in front of anyone, speak in front of our entire school body at school assemblies and awards nights. It is very rewarding to see students grow so much within their own personal confidence! These skills will serve them well as they take them into their teen and adult years.

Every year the students have an opportunity to sit a speech exam through the Australian College of Music. Students receive grades and certificates that make a fantastic addition to their portfolio as a nationally recognised award.