Prep - Year 10

Our growing school (Prep to Year 10) currently operates multi-level classes. The College has developed a safe, caring environment that encourages healthy learning opportunities, by using quality and innovative teaching strategies.

Townsville Christian College encourages and develops a spirit of co-operation amongst parents/guardians, students and staff, working together to pursue excellence and accept responsibility for nurturing, teaching and learning.

Teachers at Townsville Christian College work hard to cater for a large range of learning abilities through flexible groupings, including individualised learning plans, a variety of tasks and learning opportunities; flexible curriculum planning, and the use of a variety of resources that meet the differing learning styles.


Townsville Christian College’s curriculum has a firm Biblical foundation and is vibrant and opens the door to lifelong learning. The Christian content is integrated throughout the subject areas. We emphasise the importance of basic literacy and numeracy while encouraging students to engage with ideas and information that will assist their understanding and appreciation of knowledge. We don’t see Christian education as a separate area of learning but rather an integral part of the holistic learning experience.

Our curriculum encompasses subjects from the Australian Curriculum (English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography) with the remainder of subjects coming from the Queensland syllabus.